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Contemporary Indian Cinema: Challenges and Prospects
Contemporary Indian cinema was synonymous with Bollywood and this is not a positive trend. While the films from the other regions of India are isolated.The fascination with these clichéd ‘song and dance sequences’ would soon die out. Indian cuisine had substance which is lacking in Indian cinema. Unless filmmakers take steps to salvage Indian cinema, a revolution in Indian cinema could not be a reality. :Nasseruddin Shah(Veteran Indian actor)

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vsrezxpz, posted on : 29-08-2012
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Matt, posted on : 26-08-2012
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Sidharth, posted on : 12-12-2009
I would love to believe that the overplayed and unimaginative "song and dance sequences" would come to an end.Unfortunately, there is reason to believe otherwise. Proliferation of the mass media has merely increased the reach of these "song and dance sequences"(sorry, I cant find a more apt phrase). Just before leaving me at the gate of one of the venues the auto rickshaw driver who took me there looked up with a smirk and asked me "So, You like movies shot predominantly in the dark huh?" It indicates the apathy that the public have towards anything that doesn't titillate them either with special effects or the traditional song, dance and action package offered by mainstream movies. I am beginning to wonder whether we just have bad taste.