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Film Festival & Media: Perspectives and Prospects.
The mad and dirty rush to report in age of multiplicity of media channels was attributed as the main reason for the falling levels of festival reporting today:G.P.Ramachandran(G.P.Ramachandran G.C.Me...more
Is cinema of resistance possible?”
there is a need to resist the culture of Hollywood films and mainstream Bollywood films.we also need to breakdown stereotype foreign cinema:...more
Cinema from Ethnic Societies
cinema is a reflection of ideas. The idea might stem from anything, including an irking thought or what one has heard, saw or read and which strikes interest:Dimitris Apostolou (Director, ‘In the Shad...more
Contemporary Indian Cinema: Challenges and Prospects
Contemporary Indian cinema was synonymous with Bollywood and this is not a positive trend. While the films from the other regions of India are isolated.The fascination with these clichéd ‘song and dan...more