The FIPRESCI Jury consisting of Mr Chris Fujiwara, (Chairperson), Ms Barbara Lorey and Mr Manoj Barpujari has arrived at the following decisions:

Postcards from Leningrad Director: Mariana Rondon (90min/Venezuela/2008)

It brings to light a buried chapter from the history of popular left wing movements. Filmmaker Mariana Rondon finds an original approach by narrating the story from the point of view of children, mixing dreams and reality , using their imagination to fill the gaps in their evolving understanding of a confused and complex situation. It is a witty bold and inventive film.

The FIPRESCI Jury gives its award to the Best Malayalam Cinema Today section to
Manjadikkuru/Lucky Red Seeds Dir: Anjali Menon (117min/Mal/2008)

In Manjadikkuru a classical narrative, describing universal situations and themes, is told with skill and restraint. The film manages to be emotionally powerful without making a crude appeal to the viewer’s emotions .Instead of hammering her points reveals themselves gradually through subtle images and sounds.