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Jeevadarsan, posted on : 17-12-2010
More venues and lesser days make the screening schedule very uncomfortable for a filim viewer. Either the organiser schould screen lesser number of films or extend the span of festival time.I missed lot of my favourite screenings due to the thick schedules. One more thing which was evident is the purposeful omission of Hindi Language in the introduction time, which I suppose is a disrase to be an Indian. Try to give introductions in Malayalam,Hindi and English. Please try to rectify this. P.Jeevadarsan, JHT, Passport Office, Trivandrum.
k p udayan, posted on : 02-12-2010
i am register the media pass last week as SR Editor am working in kairali tv this year the authority not allotted the entry pass so i am very sad about it last last 10 years i am one of the participant in the fest but this year the authority not allow me the entry because of my designation that means the editors are not part of the film any way every bad ,so please check our registration form and make arrangement of getting entry those who are registered (registration no is 10320)
Joy vithayathil, posted on : 01-12-2010
We are eagerly waiting for the list of world cinema. When it will be published? Please publish the festival schedule at least 5 days before. So that we can plan our program and also the balcony reservation etc. Publicity for the festival seems to be less. Write ups or press releases about the films included are not appearing in the medias. Please give much propaganda for the festival among the public. Best wishes for the festival.
K Premnath, posted on : 29-11-2010
Is it true that online registration is discontinued?
BYJU DIVAKARAN, posted on : 28-11-2010
one of the best organised film festival.This year u r able to rope the best theaters also. Please think about some souveniers also like the 10th festival