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Nadirsha, posted on : 05-11-2009
I am an NRE presently working in the middle east, as usual i would like to participate the great festival of kerala kindly inform how to get the entry pass.Email link of the webiste not working so please guide me to get the entry through online. With the upbeat hope of your reply soon. Best wishes to a grand festival Nadirsha
MUHAMMED RIYAS, posted on : 04-11-2009
How to get the entry pass for IFFK. For the people outside Kerala
Joy Vithayathil, posted on : 03-11-2009
Sir/Madam, Since I couldnot send email through the iffk web site, Iam sending my comments through directly. (some technical problem is there in the working of email link of the website). As a regular delegate of IFFK for years, I would like to know some informtion regarding the IFFK2009. Whether this year also will provide the balcony booking facility? If so, please publish the time schedule atleast 5 days before to avoid the confusion happened in the last year. If the schedule made availabe earlier, Delegates could have identify their favourite films and its timings. Best wishes to a grant success of festival (than previous years.) Eagerly waiting for December 11th of 2009 Joy Vithayathil
J G menon, posted on : 31-10-2009
you may consider giving prizes for the best article in the bulletin This will encourage more people to contribute good articles
G Girish Kumar, posted on : 30-10-2009
Pls advice me the point of contact and procedure for entry pass of IFFK 2009